RGB LED Retrofit Halo Rings

Some car enthusiasts have gotten so good at retrofitting parts onto their cars that they could practically take any piece and install it onto their car with their eyes closed. There are actually plenty of retrofit parts to choose from, including retrofit LED halo rings, projector lens, and much more. Enthusiasts can install all sorts of aftermarket upgrades on their cars to get a super unique look that no one else has, making the car super recognizable on the road.

RGB LED halo rings 01

This is a sample demo of some headlights that have been retrofitted with RGB LED halo rings and is quite the upgrade from stock. You can easily control the colors with a remote and change the flash pattern modes as well, making this upgrade quite a great showstopper at car meets. While you’re at it, you could even get some demon eye modules to complete the look, making your car something that people will talk about. Headlight retrofits are definitely something that the seasoned enthusiast would dabble in, making these kind of modifications pretty exclusive.

RGB LED halo rings 02

RGB LED halo rings 03

RGB LED halo rings 04

RGB LED halo rings 05