Ford Mustang Switchback LED Rear Fog Light

The Ford Mustang has a rich American history that cemented its legacy in the car industry. One thing that the new Ford Mustang does not have is a working rear reflector. Instead, it has a bulb-less reflector that doesn’t have that great of a function. Thankfully, the Ford Mustang is quite an easy car to modify and there are plenty of aftermarket options available, like this Ford Mustang switchback LED Bulb that has tail light and reverse light feature.

Ford Mustang Backup Rear Fog Light 01

This 2015-up Ford Mustang belongs to one of our guests, Sebastian, who was kind enough to bring his new Mustang in for product testing. If you’re someone who likes a more simple look as opposed to a full-on assembly, then this easy switchback LED bulb gives you two functions and works as an affordable upgrade to the bulb-less reflector. Drivers behind you would be able to see if you’re driving forward or if you’re trying to reverse the car, making this product very convenient in parking lots and other places with heavy traffic. You can never be too safe when it comes to driving so these Ford Mustang switchback LED rear fog lights are a great choice.

Ford Mustang Backup Rear Fog Light 02

Ford Mustang Backup Rear Fog Light 03

Ford Mustang Backup Rear Fog Light 04