Smart Fortwo OEM Fit LED Daytime Running Lights

The little Smart car has definitely made a name for itself on the streets. The compact size makes for easy maneuvering through the cramped city streets and finding hard to fit spots. Ever circle around a busy parking lot looking for a space, only to find a tiny little spot that only a Smart car would fit into? Drivers of the Smart Fortwo know the convenience of this car and tend to splurge a little to make their Smart Fortwo look unique. This is a set of direct fit OEM fit LED Daytime Running Lights that would elevate the look of the Smart Fortwo and give the car a bit more lighting on the front end. You’d always want other drivers to be on the lookout for your Smart since it’s such a tiny car!

Smart Fortwo LED DRL 04

Smart Fortwo LED DRL 03

This 2010 Smart Fortwo definitely looks more noticeable with this new set of LED DRL on the lower bumper. The 6-LED high powered Smart LED daytime lamps make for a great addition for the miniature sized car and is sure to give your ride a higher end look.

Smart Fortwo LED DRL 01

Smart Fortwo LED DRL 02