Subaru Impreza Festoon LED Interior Light

It seems like Subaru has exploded in popularity, and for good reasons. These cars are extremely versatile and can be used as daily drivers or can be extremely modified with new rims, coilovers, and even air bags. Some people want to spice up their stock cars a little bit, but don’t want to go to the route of extreme mods so they choose to get a couple of new LED bulbs to make their Subaru a little bit different. A great choice for beginners would be to swap out the dull looking stock interior lights for some new Subaru LED interior lights for a fresh, new look.

Subaru Impreza LED Interior 01

The Subaru LED Interior Lights is a great way to get started in modding cars and getting a feel for the lighting apparatus in the vehicle. Installation is very simple with these interior festoon DE3175 LED bulbs and only involves swapping out the stock bulb for LED. You can see how bright these LED interior lights are in the Subaru Impreza and it would be a great look for any car.

Subaru Impreza LED Interior 02

Subaru Impreza LED Interior 03