Rugged LED Light Bar System

Check out this Ford F-150 with our center grille LED light bar system and how it was installed. The flush mount of the LED’s gives it a clean look and hides it away in plain sight. Driving off-road and in the dark with this in the front of your SUV or Truck will give you so much more light to shine around your surrounding allowing you to see the road up ahead. The best feature on these LED Light Bar’s is the amount of places you
can mount these to.

Ford F150 LED Light Bar 03

You not only can install this on your front grill just like this Ford F-150 but you can mount it in so many other places with many other uses. This Ford F-150 has a nice and clean set up so that when driving around through town, no one can tell that there is a center grille LED bar there but once it’s turned on, there is no more doubt that this truck has it.

Ford F150 LED Light Bar 05

Ford F150 LED Light Bar 01