Chevy Camaro LED DRL/Fog Light Kit

The Chevy Camaro is a very well known American muscle car not only for having amazing performance for the price, but also from the movie "Transformers." This Maroon Chevy Camaro is fitted with our iJDMTOY LED DRL/Fog Lights kit and you can see how aggressive this makes the car look. If bumblebee from the transformers had these on him, his enemies for sure wouldn’t question how strong he is.

Camaro LED Fog Light Kit 01

These Chevy Camaro LED Fog Lights are a direct replacement to the OEM Fog lights and fit perfectly in. They come with the Foglamp bezel covers and also an ON/Off Switch so that you can control it instead of having to have it always on or do complicated wiring.

Camaro LED Fog Light Kit 02

Camaro LED Fog Light Kit 03

Camaro LED Fog Light Kit 04