Subaru WRX F1 Style LED Rear Fog Light

This set of pictures comes from one of our customers, Spencer, and features the F1 style LED rear fog light with strobing feature for the Subaru WRX. This set of LED rear fog light is compatible with the 2011-up Subaru Impreza WRX and transforms the lower bumper with some new LEDs. These LED rear fog lights are available in clear, red, and smoked lens so there’s plenty of variety for each enthusiast to see which color best fits their Subaru WRX.

Subaru WRX LED Rear Fog 01

Each F1 Style LED Rear fog lamp is powered by 12 pieces of high powered FLUX LED lights and has a 3-second strobe braking function. Every time you step on the brake, the LED lamp will flash, alerting drivers behind you that they need to be on the lookout and stop as well. If you wanted to give your Subaru WRX a true JDM look without having to modify your vehicle to the extreme, then this set of Subaru WRX LED rear fog lamp will definitely do the trick. As you can see from the customer submitted photos above, the LED rear fog lamp is very bright and definitely does the WRX justice!

Subaru WRX LED Rear Fog 02

Subaru WRX LED Rear Fog 03