iJDMTOY Troubleshoot: Stock Socket Different from LED

When you’re installing your new LED bulb, there are several components in the socket that are important to note. You have the actual bulb, the bulb adapter, and the stock socket harness. During the installation process, if the LED bulb does not seem to "fit", make sure that you have removed the appropriate piece in order to make the connection.

Below, you can see the three components (from top to bottom):
-Bulb adapter
-Stock socket harness

LED Light Adapter 02

Let’s take a look at the white stock socket harness. When you attempt to plug in the LED bulb, it does not appear to fit into the stock socket harness.

LED Light Adapter 03

LED Light Adapter 04

Now let’s take a look at the bulb adapter. You can see that the bulb adapter is definitely compatible with the LED bulb.

LED Light Adapter 05

Plug the bulb adapter into the stock socket harness.

LED Light Adapter 06

Now you can plug the LED bulb into the bulb adapter. The LED bulb lights up!

LED Light Adapter 07

LED Light Adapter 08