Universal Fit LED Rock Lights

When going off-roading at night, it’s important to have a lot of lighting. Many people only add LED light bars to their cars but what is also helpful is having lights around your car. The iJDMTOY LED Rock Lights are perfect to add to your off-road vehicle to add a rigid and waterproof lighting for your off-roading use. This will help a lot with seeing obstacles around your car when going over rough terrain. Jeep LED Rock Light Kit 01

These LED Rock Lights come with 4 pieces of 3-CREE 9W high powered LED lights with a super bright xenon white or ultra-blue color. It’s also IP68 waterproof with a full metal body, screws, and rubber base for a secure seal. This is perfect for any use whether it’s for your off-roading vehicle or it’s for your boat.

Jeep LED Rock Light Kit 02Jeep LED Rock Light Kit 03Jeep LED Rock Light Kit 04