Mercedes-Benz E350 Coupe with 6000K LED Parking Lights

6000K LED Parking Lights 1

This 2010 Mercedes-Benz E350 Coupe is a very hot car and the 6000K LED Parking Lights add a touch of elegance and beauty. The car is a rock star to me – it has everything you need, and despite you see it on the parking lot, don’t be fooled – when it drives by with all the windows down, it receives so many nods of appreciation. One beautiful vehicle!

6000K LED Parking Lights 2

I am smitten! The 6000K LED Parking Lights transformed the whole appearance and turned the Benz into a real princess. The owner was very happy with his purchase and said proudly:
"This is my 2010 Mercedes E350 Coupe with its new Xenon White 6000K Parking Lights using iJDMTOY’s 5-SMD-5050 T10 LED Bulbs with built-in resistors to replace my halogen W5WB bulbs".

As you have already read, this Error Free T10 LED bulb is equipped with 5 pieces 3-chip 5050 CREE SMD LED lights with built-in load resistors and fits most European cars such as Audi, Mercedes, Volkswagen without triggering "Bulb Out" error message on the dashboard. It is a perfect replacement for 168, 194, 2825, 2825LL, W5W LED bulbs, commonly used for parking lights, position lights, eyelid lights or license plate lights. What’s more, it gives a nice match with the HID headlights and the stock LED Daytime running lights from every angle.

Installing these shining pearls is very easy. First open the hood and locate to the back of the parking light lamp. Then twist the bulb socket and take it off. Replace the old stock bulbs with the LED one from iJDMTOY and insert it back. That’s all! But please have in mind the LED light is polar sensitive and if it doesn’t lit up, flip the adapter around and this should do the trick.

The owner of that 2010 Mercedes-Benz E350 Coupe got many nods of appreciation because of the 6000K LED Parking Lights and this is enough to think about getting a pair of this perfect LED high quality product. You know that every little detail does matter and could be the missing piece of the puzzle, called "That’s my hot ride!".

Error Free 5-SMD-5050 T10 2825 W5W LED Bulbs

Halo Projector Headlights and LED Tail Lights

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A 2006 Mercedes CLS500 Is All about Error Free LED Bulbs

LED Parking Lights 1

It’s a well-know fact that Mercedes-Benz has put all of its latest safety and technology features into the CLS-class, but this customized 2006 Mercedes CLS500 is spiced up with Error Free LED accessories, that don’t come within standard equipment. The customer ordered these really nice LED add-ons and I think we all agree this luxury vehicle looks awesome.

LED Parking Lights 2

Let’s start with the most obvious mod – the LED Strip Lights. As you can see from the pictures, the effect of wrapping LED strip behind the emblem and lighting up the entire Mercedes Logo is stunning. It gives the whole car a nice modern look and certainly attracts attention. What’s more – the color matches the LED Parking Lights, which are the final touch to the overall high-tech appearance of this 2006 Mercedes CLS500.

The 5-SMD Error Free 2825 LED bulbs, used for the LED Parking Lights, are another quality iJDMTOY product. Each bulb is equipped with built-in CAN-bus controller, which means that these bad boys are ideal for parking lights. They will light up perfectly and stay on error-free without flickering on most European vehicles such as Mercedes, BMW and Audi. Since installation is very simple, you can easily replace the stock 168, 194, 2825 or W5W halogen yellowish bulbs with this kind of Error Free T10 Wedge LED bulbs and match the Xenon White 6000k HID headlights for just a few bucks.

In case you wish to give your ride a fresh new shining look you don’t have to spend a fortune: try with LED Parking Lights. These Error Free LED bulbs will turn your vehicle into a breath-taking masterpiece on wheels. They are very trendy iJDMTOY product and as you can see from this 2006 Mercedes CLS500 you just can’t go wrong with them.

Super Bright 360-degree shine 5-SMD Error Free T10 LED bulbs

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Blue is The New Amber with LED Parking Lights for 2009 Acura CSX

Nowadays, drivers are switching their stock headlights for HIDs for a better look and performance. But, did you know there is different LED parking lights to choose from as well? Next to headlights, Parking City Lights illuminate significantly at night. Upgrading to LED parking lights can your next investment if you’re looking to changing up your lights beside headlights.


Blue is the new amber! Not really, they both are very different. One is warm and the other one is cool. But if you want to stand out like a sore thumb than why not change your Parking City Lights to blue ones? Our extroverted customer wanted to sport a different style and has changed his amber Parking City Lights to blue ones as we see here. 

This distinctive color is an excellent addition to car enthusiasts who want to go for a new look on their car. Changing up your Parking City Lights really does make a difference! And if you don’t like blue, there are also other colors such as pure xenon white and red for all you hot heads.


Those LED parking lights are so bright, they can replace the car’s headlights!  Blue Parking City Lights complements HIDs very well like peanut butter and jelly, you can’t have a plain jelly sandwich that’s just wrong.

JDM Xenon White or Ultra Blue 360-Degree Shine 5-SMD 5050 T10 LED Wedge Light Bulbs for 168 194 921 2825JDM Xenon White or Ultra Blue 360-Degree Shine 5-SMD 5050 T10 LED Wedge Light Bulbs for 168 194 921 2825

The cool and relaxing color of blue provides attitude to the car and driver. Amber provides…well, nothing. It’s too common. Unless you like to be common, then stick with Amber. But if you’re adventurous and wish to stick out from the crowd like myself, then blue is the new amber for you.

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LED Sidemarker and Parking Lights Dress Up 2004 Infiniti G35 Coupe

Do you always feel that the OEM lights are just too boring? Have you ever considered the LED sidemarker lights or LED parking lights to make an difference? It’s time to try something exciting –  the 360 degree shine 12-SMD T10 LED bulbs.

The 2825 LED bulb is twice as brighter than the regular LED bulbs, perfect for license plate lights, side marker lights, side mirror puddle lights and parking lights. Two colors are available in Xenon White and Ultra Blue. Either one will match perfectly with the HID headlights.

Now you can upgrade the lights at a even more affordable price: place your order before February 28, 2011, and get 15% off with our President Day sales.

Recently, we installed these super bright T10 LED bulbs for one of our customers. Now let’s enjoy some pictures and check out these incredible LED bulbs for the 2004 Infiniti G35 Coupe.

2004 - infiniti - g35 - coupe - 2825 - led - bulbs - 2

2004 - infiniti - g35 - coupe - 2825 - led - bulbs - 4

2004 - infiniti - g35 - coupe - 2825 - led - bulbs - 1

2004 - infiniti - g35 - coupe - 2825 - led - bulbs - 3

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A Nice Upgrade – LED Parking Lights on Mercedes CLS 500

Our customer recently sent us very nice pictures of the T10 Error Free LED bulbs he installed on his 2006 Mercedes CLS-500 parking lights.

These new LED parking lights fit perfectly for his car and are a upgrade to the standard filament parking light bulbs that are factory equipped. These LED parking light pictures of his Mercedes CLS show how nice these LED parking light bulbs complement his car. The LED parking lights also match the white headlights of his low beam.

You can upgrade the 2825 W5W LED parking light bulbs if your vehicle has either 168, 194, 2825, 2821, or W5W bulb housings. The load resistors built-in to this particular LED bulb prevent any errors from occurring on European model vehicles. As such, they are a perfect upgrade for Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and others on the parking position lights.

To see if these bulbs are right for you, you can check the Sylvania replacement guide online for drop down menus on selecting your vehicle make and year.

Hope these pictures help you decide if iJDMTOY LED bulbs are right for you.

Mercedes - error - free - led - bulbs - parking - lights - 1

Mercedes - error - free - led - bulbs - parking - lights - 2

Mercedes - error - free - led - bulbs - parking - lights - 3

Mercedes - error - free - led - bulbs - parking - lights - 4

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2825 W5W Error Free LED Bulbs | Mercedes Parking Lights | Eyelid Lights

JDM Xenon White or Ultra Blue OBC Error Free 5050-SMD T10 2825 W5W LED Bulbs with built-in load resistors for Mercedes, Audi, BMW, etc

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