BMW E60 525i LED license plate lights, LED courtesy door light, under dash LED lights

Recently, a customer of us installed some LED bulbs for his 2006 BMW E60 525i.

The lights installed are: Error Free LED bulbs (size: 6418) for license plate lights, 8-SMD T10 LED light bulbs (size: 2825) for under-door courtesy lights, and 6-SMD Wide Angle Shining 6418 LED light bulbs (size: 6418) for under dash lights, also known as foot area lights.

The license plate lights are Xenon White LED bulbs and the interior side door lights, and under dash foot area lights are Ultra Blue LED bulbs.

For more pictures about the LED lights we’ve sold and installed, please visit iJDMTOY Gallery Pictures For LED and HID.

BMW - E60 - 03

BMW - E60 - 02

BMW - E60 - 01

BMW - E60 - 06

BMW - E60 - 04

BMW - E60 - 08

BMW - E60 - 07

BMW - E60 - 09

The LED lights installed for this BMW are listed below:

New!!! JDM Xenon White OBC Error Free D36mm 6411 6418 C6W LED Bulbs w/built-in load resistors for Audi, BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen, etc

Xenon White Error Free 6418 LED bulbs with built-in load resistors, special designed for Audi, BMW or Mercedes, etc

JDM Double-Side Shine 8-SMD T10 Wedge Light Bulbs for 168 194 2825 2827 W5W

8-SMD T10 LED bulbs for front side door lights and rear side door lights

 JDM Super Bright Xenon White or Ultra Blue 6-SMD D36mm Festoon Map Dome LED bulbs for 6411 6413 6418

Finally, the 6-SMD 6418 LED Festoon Bulbs for front under dash lights (foot area lights), the Automotive LED bulbs and LED lighting specialist