LED Daytime Driving Lights Fit Into Bumper Of BMW X6

Even for BMW’s you can add on some lights to make it look better. These 12-light LED lamps act as additional driving lights that have that sidemarker look, depending on how your place it. Place it on the edges of the bumper to give it an extra noticeable daytime driving lights look. Or put it closer together for a sharper look.

The daytime running lights hook up to any low beam, high beam, parking city lights, etc. Check our webpage 12-LED daytime running lights to see the price. It is currently $25.99.

If you want to see how these lights look on other cars, please visit our webpage with the product info. We have pictures of a 2009 BMW X6 that a customer sent us.

Product featured: 12-Light LED Daytime Running Light

JDM Universal Fit Xenon White or Ultra Blue Double-Layer 12-LED Daytime Running Light Kit (aka LED Day Driving Cruising DRL Lamps)

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