LED Dome Lights: A Nice Surprise For 2004 BMW 330i Coupe

Could changing your regular stock dome lights to LED dome lights improve your car’s appearance? Does the sun rise from the east? As obvious as the answer is, yes it does. With its powerful illumination and distinctive pure xenon white color, your BMW will never look so different.

bmw - 330i - coupe - led - interior - dome - lights - 1

White is the new amber. Now there’s nothing wrong with amber. But If I had to choose, I’d go with white in a heartbeat. The sleek and clean color matches BMWs so well.

bmw - 330i - coupe - led - interior - dome - lights - 2

Doesn’t it make this BMW’s dome lights look brand new? By spending a few bucks and few minutes, our customer has given his car a complete 180 degree change. Let’s face it, in today’s economy money is tight everywhere. LED dome lights are the most inexpensive yet dramatic method to deck out your car.

bmw - 330i - coupe - led - interior - dome - lights - 3

Look at those boring amber colored parking lights. If you wish to stand out from the crowd you better change those lights!

bmw - 330i - coupe - led - interior - dome - lights - 4

The unique and beautiful coloring fits a BMW like frosting on a cake. Besides the color, the LED interior lights are far brighter than regular stock lights yet not blinding. It’s so bright you won’t even need to use your high beams in darker areas.

bmw - 330i - coupe - led - interior - dome - lights - 5

bmw - 330i - coupe - led - interior - dome - lights - 6

It’s no surprise that our customer changed his lights. The dull orangey amber color already puts me to sleep.

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2-SMD T10 LED Bulbs – Most Affordable & Dramatic BMW Interior Makeover

The difference between LED interior lights and regular interior lights is color and brightness. From a dull yellowish amber color to a vivid and bright white color is unmistakable. It will add the finishing touch to your luxury BMW. It will add the frosting on your cupcake. It will add the mustard on your hot dog…well you get the point.

 2006 - bmw - e90 - 325i - led - interior - lights - 1

Here we see our customer’s 2006 BMW E90 325i with regular interior bulbs. Not very exciting. Looks very boring. I suppose the only thing I want to do in this car is to take a nap.

2006 - bmw - e90 - 325i - led - interior - lights - 2

Now our customer installed Xenon White LED interior lights. The car feels different now. It’s more sleek and cool. This cool color and brighter composition makes me feel like I’m in Battlestar Galactica. Makes me want to jump in and go for a nice drive.

2006 - bmw - e90 - 325i - led - interior - lights - 3

Even the stick shift and DVD player looks newer. The silver texture looks clean and polished. Now I understand why people love to touch all the buttons and configurations in new cars. The dome light. This is only one part of the entire BMW LED Interior Makeover. LED interior lights will include LED throughout every single area that already has regular stock lights installed. Your whole BMW will bathe in this color and brightness.

2006 - bmw - e90 - 325i - led - interior - lights - 4

2006 - bmw - e90 - 325i - led - interior - lights - 5

In case you’re wondering about installation, it’s quite easy. LED interior lights are user friendly so even car amateurs will have no problem installing them. Simple remove older bulbs and replace it with LED, no other wiring or technical skills needed.

LED interior lights provide a certain effect to one’s car. The effect is almost alluring. Xenon White adds a nice touch of slickness to the inside of a BMW. Think of the lights as an affordable BMW LED Interior Makeover. If you or someone you know are looking for a little makeover for their BMW, consider LED interior lights.

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LED interior lights for 2009 BMW E92 335i: A Smart Investment for Smart Drivers

2009 - bmw - e92 - 335i - led - interior - lights - 1

It’s the inside of an individual that matters most. We believe that’s true for a car as well and for that reason we’ve installed the entire BMW LED Lights package for our customer, Will. Notice how the LED interior lights stand out so well? Those lights have a certain characteristic within them like a radiant glow. The inside of a car should matter most since it will be the passengers that will ultimately judge a car’s appearance.

2009 - bmw - e92 - 335i - led - interior - lights - 2

Will’s 2009 BMW E92 335i was previously installed with the housing bulbs. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with regular stock bulbs but if I had to choose stock bulbs or LED interior lights I’d choose the LED lights in a heartbeat and so did Will. You can’t go wrong with BMW LED Lights. It’s one of the best and inexpensive investments for any car.

2009 - bmw - e92 - 335i - led - interior - lights - 4

Notice how the dome light provides excellent lighting in terms of brightness and overall coverage yet it is not blinding? Even the gas and brake pedals are bathed in light so you can see if your shoe stepped on poop as you enter the car or something of that matter. Anyways, this BMW LED Light is xenon white so the lighting looks more natural so you aren’t color blind within the car and can actually distinguish the land and ocean apart on a map.

With the touch up of LED lighting even the seats look brand new. It looks so comfortable and inviting even pedophiles have a better chance picking up children in their cars using LED interior lights than candy. Kidding, we don’t support pedophilia! But seriously, that car looks relaxing.

2009 - bmw - e92 - 335i - led - interior - lights - 3

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BMW E92 335i LED Interior Light Kit

iJDMTOY has the complete interior package for BMW E90 328i, BMW E92 335i, M3, and 3 series models from 2006-2010. The complete interior package includes 10 LED lights that fit perfectly for all BMW E90, E92, and M3 models 2006 – 2010.  The BMW 3 series interior lighting includes ten bright SMD LED dome lights and map lights, LED under dash lights, and LED under door lights. This upgrade will improve the lighting of your car interior. The stock filament bulbs are dimmer and the light is really not noticeable. These LED replacement bulbs make the light more bright white. Looking for things inside your car will be easier and also I think the light looks nicer.

The BMW LED interior bulbs are ready to install as is. Simply detach the cover of the dome/map housing and replace the stock filament bulb with LED bulbs. Make sure it lights up, if not switch it over by turning it 180 degrees so that the connections touch different connectors and it should work from there.

The LED lights we carry for the interior light package are estimated to be about twice as bright as other LED bulbs. If you compare it to a stock filament bulb, the SMD LED lights are about four times as bright. Moreover, the LED bulb lifespan is ten times the lifespan of the stock bulbs. Get long-lasting performance with super bright LED car bulbs.

BMW - E92 - 335i - LED - interior - lights - 4

BMW - E92 - 335i - LED - interior - lights - 3

BMW - E92 - 335i - LED - interior - lights - 2

BMW - E92 - 335i - LED - interior - lights - 1

The LED interior kit featured on the BMW E92 335i above.

Deluxe SMD LED Interior Package!

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