Mercedes-Benz SLK350 Impresses with LED Headlight Strip

The famous Mercedes-Benz SLK350 roadster looks amazing without any modifications, but this particular car grabs attention with the additional ultra slim LED headlight strip for daytime running lights installed. I admit this add-on fits in perfectly right under the head lamps and appears to be very elegant. And having in mind this model has low ground clearance by default, the featured headlight LED strip makes it look visually closer to the road.

Mercedes-Benz SLK350 LED Headlight Strip 1

If you are fascinated with this Benz, I guess you’ll be happy to know that the very same Audi style LED strip kit is an universal fit product and the quality is untouched. With its 21 SMD LED lights per 20" / 50cm strip, one small upgrade can change the appearance of any car, truck or SUV for good. Thanks to the self-adhesive back, these LED strips are very easy to install right in between the gap of the headlight lamp and bumper, keeping them virtually unnoticeable when off. What’s more, this product is waterproof for worry-free exterior use and has flexible design with wide edge, so it could bend in almost any headlight shape.

Mercedes-Benz SLK350 LED Headlight Strip 2

To install, remove the ground from your battery before starting anything, so you don’t accidentally short-circuit something. Then take off the headlight lamp, clear the surface from dirt where the strip will be, align the LED strip and lay it onto the lamp. Make sure the entire LED Strip is hidden in between the headlight lamp and the bumper. Do the same with the other one and tap the negative wire of the LED strip lights to bare metal of the chassis. Finally, route the positive wire to a power source you want the strips to turn on with, such as your parking lights. Test if everything works and re-install everything back in place.

These eye-catching headlight LED strips will make any car more attractive, not just this Mercedes-Benz SLK350. Why paying for some very expensive lighting accessories when you can achieve such fancy look for just a few bucks? Don’t waste more time and check the iJDMTOY web store for more information about this amazing product.

21-SMD Flexible LED Strip Lights For Headlights, Fog Lights

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2006 Acura TSX LED strip lights for side door and interior, LED license plate lights

Recently, a customer of us installed our iJDMTOY LED bulbs for his 2006 Acura TSX.

The bulbs were a big improvement and there was a dramatic difference before and after. Honestly, they make the car stand out. 

The LED lights installed on this car are: 15-LED flexible LED strip lights (size: 12 inches) used for under door lighting, the 48-LED LED light strips (size: 20 inches) used for under dash foot area lighting, and 12-SMD T10 LED light bulbs (size: 168 194 2825 921) for the side door lights as well as for the license plate lights.

The license plate lights and under dash foot area lights are Xenon White LED bulbs and the under door light is Ultra Blue.

For more pictures about the LED lights we’ve sold and installed, please visit Gallery Pictures For LED and HID.

We have have the detail installation and DIY guides on our website, please visit LED Tech Support and DIY Guide.

Acura - TSX - blue - led - under - door - lights - 1

Acura - TSX - blue - led - under - door - lights - 2

Acura - TSX - white - led - interior - lights - 1

Acura - TSX - white - led - interior - lights - 2

Acura - TSX - white - led - interior - lights - 3

Acura - TSX - white - led - license - plate - light

The LED lights installed for this Acura TSX are listed below:

JDM Slim Ultra Blue/Xenon White/Brilliant Red/Light Green 12 inches 15LED Flexible LED Strip Lights for interior, under door or floor lighting

Ultra Blue 15-LED flexible strip light for that awesome glow as you open the door.

JDM Audi A5 Q7 Style Xenon White Side Shine 48-LED Flexible LED Strip Lights For Headlight Lamps

Xenon White 48-LED flexible strip lights for a very trendy foot area resting light.

New!!! 360-Degree Shine Super Bright Xenon White or Ultra Blue 12-SMD T10 LED Wedge Light Bulbs 168 194 2825 921

Used for the side door lights and license plate lights, we have the Ultra Blue and Xenon White 12-SMD T10 168 194 LED Bulbs.

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