Make your Toyota SE Sporty With an Offset License Plate

We recently asked for a Toyota Camry SE or XSE to come by and try out our license plate bracket and Andrew answered the call. We saw the new Toyota Camry as a potential gamechanger in its segment with its new facelifted design and its usual fuel efficiency. Andrew rolled in with his XSE and surprised us with the work he’s already done; carbon fiber trims and smoked out bumper reflectors, letters and logo make his Camry looking sporty. What better way to make it even sportier than offsetting his license plate?

2018 Toyota Camry SE XSE License Plate Bracket Test Fit
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#storefrontfriday: Scion FR-S by @redridin_86

A few months ago, I started taking notice of the different kinds of cars that come by our storefront and started paying attention to the custom work done. I decided that taking pictures of our customers’ work in progress was a good way to get to know them and if anything, have material to post and write about. Many of them were JDM oriented and Sam’s Scion FR-S/Toyota 86 was no exception. I went downstairs to take a closer look.
2014 Scion FRS iJDMTOY Storefront
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How to Use Lip Splitters for an Aggressive, Sporty Look

A good handful of JDM enthusiasts will pay heed to the minor details because collectively, that is what completes the sleek or bold look they are looking for. Our LED car lights definitely fall into this category; color presentation is important so it makes sense to pay attention to a car’s vital function. Whether it be head lights, tail lights, or interior lights, LEDs truly make a car shine. While we are a leading expert in car LED lights, we also sell other accessories to help elevate your car. One such adornment that gives cars a subtle but striking touch is the front bumper lip splitter!

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2013 Las Vegas SEMA Coverage – Part Two

Let’s continue with part two of the SEMA show coverage this year.

Speaking of race cars, there is also this awesome Radical SR3 on display! This road legal race car that can be purchased (if you have deep pockets) and driven on the street as well. Check out those headlights; it seems to be some type of LED ring setup from what we can see.

2013 Las Vegas SEMA Auto Show 18

For our American muscle fans, we didn’t forget about you either; this Tire Rack sponsored Chevrolet Corvette seems like it would be a beast on the curved roads of a race track.

2013 Las Vegas SEMA Auto Show 19

2013 Las Vegas SEMA Auto Show 20

There is a countless amount of American muscle cars on display at SEMA and it would be difficult to compile all of them into one post so we’ll hand pick the ones that stand out like this custom full metal body 1968 Dodge Charger built by Scott Spock Racing and Nelson Racing Engines. If a twin turbo 9.4 Hemi V8 doesn’t get you excited, we don’t know what will.

2013 Las Vegas SEMA Auto Show 21

This 1932 Ford Roadster from Fuller Hot Rods is very unique; a custom all-wheel drive system powered by a 750 horsepower BOSS 429 big block motor. Custom work like this can’t be left unappreciated.

2013 Las Vegas SEMA Auto Show 22

More hot rod and rat rod style builds like this sitting outside the convention walls. I wonder how this thing is even driven at that ride height. Custom modified vehicles are common at SEMA and are used to display the workmanship of many automotive shops around the country.

2013 Las Vegas SEMA Auto Show 23

How about a Chevrolet Van with a supercharged V8 motor placed in the cargo area? Sure, if it’s possible, then why not.

2013 Las Vegas SEMA Auto Show 24

Or maybe you may want your packages delivered in a unique way with this slammed FedEx delivery truck.

2013 Las Vegas SEMA Auto Show 25

This old rustic old school GMC truck is raw and unrefined, but it’s definitely a head turner.

2013 Las Vegas SEMA Auto Show 26

Modern lifted trucks like this matte black Ford Super-Duty dualie is on display outside with a variety of other lifted trucks. As we said earlier in the post, SEMA is filled with a variety of cars that appeal to all types of automotive enthusiasts so let’s move onto the exotics!

2013 Las Vegas SEMA Auto Show 27

2013 Las Vegas SEMA Auto Show 28

This Pagani Zonda Huayra is oozing with carbon fiber goodness and with a Mercedes-Benz AMG V12 Bi-turbo engine powering this thing, you may need a towel to wipe the drool off your face. Those Italians sure know how to build an exotic super car.

2013 Las Vegas SEMA Auto Show 29

The Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 Italia makes us speechless at how amazing this car looks like.

2013 Las Vegas SEMA Auto Show 30

Here we have what looks to be a modified Ferrari F430 on air suspension which allows it to achieve this extremely low vehicle height. SEMA is always about new products and trends that are floating and evolving in the automotive industry and we’ll give you a preview based on the pictures we saw.

2013 Las Vegas SEMA Auto Show 31

2013 Las Vegas SEMA Auto Show 32

LED tail lights seem to be a common replacement item for most Subaru BR-Z and Scion FR-S owners; an aesthetic and functional upgrade that looks and performs well.

2013 Las Vegas SEMA Auto Show 33

Infiniti G37 Coupe Wrapped in Dry Carbon Fiber Vinyl Sheet

The 2011 Infiniti G37 Coupe is a great car that can be upgraded in many ways and today’s favorite is wrapped in Dry Carbon Fiber Sheet. As you can see from the photos, this customer uses the dry carbon fiber sheet to wrap his side mirrors, trunk spoilers and emblem. I admit this carbon fiber vinyl looks pretty cool on the white paintjob. The contrast makes this 2011 Infiniti G37 Coupe very distinguishable and aggressive at the same time.

Infiniti G37 Coupe Dry Carbon Fiber Vinyl Sheet 1

This carbon fiber vinyl stuff is top class and you can achieve awesome carbon fiber look, without the high cost of real carbon fiber. What’s more, you can use the iJDMTOY’s vinyl on all sorts of surfaces, regardless of the curvature. This means you can customize parts from your vehicle that cannot be purchased from anywhere! Check out the featured 2011 Infiniti G37 Coupe and ask yourself whether you want to dress up the exterior and/or interior of your car with this universal fit high quality Carbon Fiber Vinyl!

Infiniti G37 Coupe Dry Carbon Fiber Vinyl Sheet 2

Speaking of application, iJDMTOY’s Carbon Sheet is very easy to apply, even for a novice: first you have to clean the surface very well, then cut the vinyl to the approx shape. After that apply the sheet on and use heat gun or hair dryer to get rid of the air inside. Want some more tips? Well, you can also use the heat gun to help yourself on bending the shape you need. Then all you have to do is to cut off the extra carbon fiber vinyl and voila – you have a brand new carbon looking elements and brand new car look for just a few dollars!

Infiniti G37 Coupe Dry Carbon Fiber Vinyl Sheet 3

This 2011 Infiniti G37 Coupe is a proof that if you want to get more compliments, you should pay more attention to the details that you wrap in Dry Carbon Fiber Sheet. Details are very important if you want to make your car a head-turner. The owner of this gorgeous car knows it, too, and he is one of the many happy customers, who purchased our product and applied it very professionally on his side mirrors, trunk spoilers and emblem.

Infiniti G37 Coupe Dry Carbon Fiber Vinyl Sheet 4

3D Twill Weave Style Dry Black Carbon Fiber Vinyl Sheet

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