GMC Sierra with Cool High Power Switchback LED Bulbs

High Power Switchback 1

After installing the High Power Switchback LED bulbs on that GMC Sierra, the whole vehicle got a shiny new sleek style. This trendy lighting product emits a distinctive brightness, which perfectly matches the clear look of the headlights and contributes to the unique look of that GMC.

High Power Switchback 2

You just can’t miss the Dual-Color LED bulbs, because they have some very cool features – these lights will stay on white as daytime running lights when you are driving, and when the turn signal is activated, the lights will automatically switch from white to amber and start flashing. And this isn’t everything – the new designed switchback LED bulb is powered with High Power LED chip plus the magnified projectors in front, which makes this LED bulb 2 to 3 times brighter and shaper than conventional LED bulb. High Power Switchback bulbs work well during night time and as we all know, increased lighting is always welcome. Actually, if you park your car in front of a wall, the LED bulb will project a huge circular lighting spot.

High Power Switchback 3

Since this product will replace 3157, 3057, 3357, 3457 and 4157 bulbs in a quick and easy way, please note that you might need to add a pair of load resistors to prevent hyper flashing or malfunction problem. But that’s only if you are using these LED bulbs for turn signal lights. Anyway, feel free to contact us.

High Power Switchback 4

Easy and affordable, this fancy High Power Switchback LED bulb is the simplest way to dramatically change your car’s appearance – see that GMC Sierra for instance. Dual-Color LED bulbs could be a great complement to HID lights and the extra output and color completes how a car should appear to be. You just can’t go wrong with the High Power Switchback LED bulbs from iJDMTOY.

High Power Switchback 3157 LED Turn Signal Light Bulbs

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2010 Audi A4 with complete Audi LED Interior Package

Audi LED Interior Package 1

Today’s custom car is a fancy 2010 Audi A4 with complete Audi LED Interior Package installed. These pictures were provided by Mr. Atsushi Miura from Japan, who purchased this trendy product from iJDMTOY. We fell in love with the stylish look of that ride and decided to share this Ultra Blue LED masterpiece with you.

Audi LED Interior Package 2

The complete kit features 10 super bright 5050 SMD-type LED lights, which will fit in any 2008 and up Audi B8 model A4 or S4. As this is deluxe package, everything is special – these aren’t the conventional LED bulbs, but the new breed of LED lighting technology. It offers much higher light output than previous LED generations, while still using only a fraction of the power used by traditional light sources. And to sum up – you get 3-4 times brighter output than stock car interior lights in addition to the long lasting LED products.

Audi LED Interior Package 3

Each Audi LED Interior Package consists of:

  • 2 pieces SMD bulbs for front map lights;
  • 2 pieces SMD bulbs for front dome lights;
  • 2 pieces SMD bulbs for rear dome lights;
  • 4 pieces SMD bulbs for side door courtesy lights;

This is everything you need to totally upgrade the interior of your vehicle. Mr. Atsushi Miura picked the Ultra Blue color for his kit, but iJDMTOY has two more color options available – Xenon White and Brilliant Red in order to match any taste.

Audi LED Interior Package 4

Each bulb from the Audi LED Interior Package is plug and play, so basically the installation is piece of cake. Directly replace the OEM halogen bulbs with these new LED lights and you will get your ride the same sexy look as the one featured here.

If you are fascinated by the amazing appearance of that 2010 Audi A4, then you might consider purchasing the modern Audi LED Interior Package from iJDMTOY. You can upgrade your vehicle without compromise on quality, for a very small amount of money with our exclusive Audi LED Interior Package, which will fit in perfectly and replace the dull interior lights of your car.

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Its most recent new products: high power, extremely bright switchback LED bulbs which are 3x brighter than traditional switchback LED bulbs and 10W high power LED Daytime Running Lights, direct exact fit for 2011 and 2012 Chevrolet Cruze.

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iJDMTOY offers a varieties of Automotive LED bulbs & lighting accessories. We carry LED car interior lights, Euro LED daytime running lights, Lexus style LED license plate lights, and LED strip lights, etc. Our products will make your car look super nice.

2008 Dodge Caliber SRT-4 – Full LED Lights vehicle

LED Bulbs 1

This enthusiast-oriented custom 2008 Dodge Caliber SRT4 is fully LED equipped and includes LED license plate lights, LED backup lights and LED interior lights. As you can see from the pictures, the Xenon White color shines brightly and gives the vehicle a nice luxury touch. Those who favor styling with aggressive edges will enjoy its modern LED look. It seems the owner of that car really wanted to get rid of the stock yellowish halogen bulbs and decided to upgrade his ride with some quality stuff – products from iJDMTOY.

LED Bulbs 2

We’ll start with the brightly lit Xenon White license plate lights of this Dodge Caliber. Just imagine how it will look when it cut off some other vehicle on the road. The brightness of these LED bulbs is emitted effortlessly because of the 360 degree design and makes this vehicle more stylish. This is a very fancy lighting product, which could be seen on some SEMA 2011 show cars.

LED Bulbs 3

Let’s continue with the LED backup lights – these bulbs look almost the same as any other LED bulbs at daytime, but wait for the night to come: this kind of high power LED bulbs is 3 times brighter than OEM halogen bulbs, so most of our customers absolutely love this. These bad boys tear up the darkness.

Finally, the LED interior lights – once installed, the brilliant super bright xenon white LED bulbs are no match to the old stock dull and yellowish bulbs. The difference is huge, so if you need an upgrade to your car interior lights such as map lights and dome lights, these bulbs are perfect. What’s more, LED technology consumes less power, which means that if you forget to switch them off and they stay on all night long, there’s a very big chance you can still start your car next morning.

If you want to give your car a fresh new look, stop by iJDMTOY and place your order on trendy LED lights just like that 2008 Dodge Caliber SRT-4 guy did. You just can’t go wrong with any LED product, because their stuff is top quality. Your car deserves a small touch of luxury and with iJDMTOY you don’t have to spend a fortune to get it.

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2011 BMW 328i Shines With Crisp White E90 Angel Eyes

E90 Angel Eyes 1

The owner of this 2011 BMW 328i was determined to continue his visual tuning project and made a very good choice going with the E90 Angel Eyes and clear turn signals from iJDMTOY. These must have upgrades replaced the standard halogen bulbs, which had more of a yellow tint rather than a pure white light. The difference was especially noticeable and as you can see from the pictures, the car looks far better than before.

E90 Angel Eyes 2

These high power 6W LED bulbs are super bright and the BMW Angel Eyes are very well visible no matter daytime or night time. Thanks to the high quality CREE LED technology, each bulb is extremely power efficient and emits 7000K Xenon White color light, which perfectly matches the HID headlights. Trust me, if you have already got HID headlights, or have upgraded to HID or Xenon bulbs, then this is the perfect accessory for your car.

E90 Angel Eyes 3

If you want to give your bimmer a fresh new look, try with the fancy LED E90 Angel Eyes. These Super Bright LED bulbs produce a powerful crisp white light, which looks just amazing. They fit directly into your existing bulb holder, so there is no modification or cutting of wires required – just ‘plug and play’. And you don’t have to worry whether an OBC error will pop up on the dashboard, because these quality bulbs from iJDMTOY have built-in CAN-bus controller.

E90 Angel Eyes 4

Leaving that 2011 E90 LCI with the OEM dull yellowish halogen bulbs was unacceptable to the owner and after installing the super white LED E90 Angel Eyes, everything went better than expected. As a matter of fact, this fellow got the HID look without paying the price of an actual HID Angel Eyes kit. You can treat your bimmer the same way, save some money and take it up to the next level with E90 Angel Eyes from iJDMTOY, too.

High Power LED BMW Angel Eyes


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