Mercedes SLK280 Upgrades with Error Free 1156 LED Bulbs

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This 2009 Mercedes SLK280 received a host of updates, and the Error Free 1156 LED bulbs fitted in the whole conception in a very stylish and unique way. Without doubt, I thoroughly enjoy looking at this vehicle. The pleasure begins when you notice these slightly dimmed turn signals, while they gracefully emit LED light.

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Mercedes-Benz’s three-pointed star has long been synonymous with style and prestige, but the owner of the ride really got this one right! The obvious pluses concerning the Mercedes LED turn signal lights are style, image, appearance and a certain level of customization. You should have these factors in mind when you decide to tune your vehicle to be a real head-turner.

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Each LED bulb contains 21 pieces super bright 3-Cell 5050 SMD chips with over 1200 lum lighting output and thanks to the revolutionary new design the “European cars cannot install LED bulbs” problems are gone forever. One of the coolest thing is these Error Free 1156 LED bulbs are completely plug and play. No modification is required and you can install them in less than 10 minutes! A perfect replacement of all stock 1156/7506 bulbs and some 1157 or 2357 housings for Mercedes W209 CLK or W211 E Class as single fitment bulbs for front turn signal light bulbs. To sum things up, these bright bulbs will fit in most European cars such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes or Porsche and there will be no warning on dashboard nor hyper flash problems.

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I bet owning that gorgeous black 2009 Mercedes SLK280 with Error Free 1156 LED bulbs is more than awesome. This guy was looking for more stylish look for his ride and got it. You may think this product is a great add-on to any vehicle, and you are right! Treat your beloved car with a newer, luxurious LED look without the luxurious price! Go to the iJDMTOY online shop and look for these Error Free 1156 LED bulbs.

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Error Free Turn Signal Lights for 2008 Mercedes CLK350

Error Free 1156 LED bulbs is here! Yes that’s right, no longer will your car show an error message when you install Error Free Turn Signal Lights. We are crazy about easy and convenient installations. The plug and play installation makes it virtually idiot proof to all drivers to easily install.

Originally not error proof and causes many problems to customers, but now there will be no error, no flickering, and no warning message on dashboard. Aside from the easy and quick installation, the Error Free Turn Signal Lights provide excellent lighting compared to the regular stock bulbs. The radiant colors of Xenon White and Amber Yellow will suit many cars. The remarkable style will completely change a car’s appearance 180 degrees.

Error Free Turn Signal Lights are a good investment for all drivers. The dramatic stylish appearance won’t chew up your wallet. If you’re one of those drivers that never signal, all that will change. You will be glad to signal. Signaling will be your favorite pastime. The brightly lit Xenon White and Amber Yellow will emit proudly as you cut off that truck.

No load resistors needed! Like I said, we’re nuts about easy and convenience. No need to hire a mechanic. The plug and play installation makes it possible for all drivers to do it themselves. Each bulb contains 20 pieces of individual LED. The 360 degree shape will emit effortlessly. With its inexpensive price, I can’t argue why you wouldn’t want to invest on a pair of these bad boys.

Error Free 1156 LED bulbs will provide an error free, quick installation performance. The brighter output will make your car shine confidently. Turning has never been so stylish. Error Free 1156 LED bulbs are just one of the many progressions of modern automotive lighting.

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