2010 BMW 335i with magnificent HID Angel Eyes Kit

BMW HID Angel Eyes KitHID Angel Eyes 1

As soon as we offer quality products, there will be happy customers – just like the owner of this 2010 BMW 335i, who purchased a Super Bright HID Angel Eyes Kit for his ride. It seems he wanted to do a big upgrade and we think he made a perfect choice with this product.

HID Angel Eyes 2

The revolutionary new designed BMW Angel Eyes with HID are twice brighter than the all new 2011 BMW 3 or 5 Series’ OEM LED Angel Eyes and at least three to four times brighter than the traditional H8 halogen Angel Eyes. But you can come up to that conclusion just by looking at the pictures of this "BMW E92 Black Beauty". The Xenon White 6000k color is much brighter and in cloudy days and nighttime it looks no less than great! Another customer compared the light output of these HID Angel Eyes with his headlights’ output, but we strictly don’t recommend using them as headlights – safety first.

HID Angel Eyes 3

Another key feature of this Kit is the special designed shortened H8 HID bulb for precise Angel Eyes beam pattern. The shorter bulb emits focused light precisely in the center of the rings, which results in a greater output and lack of annoying glare compared with another HID kits. Unlike those brands, our HID Angel Eyes are purely plug and play installation, no modification needed at all. What’s more, there will be no more annoying error messages on the dashboard, thanks to the error free decoder included in the package. And at last – you can install the Angel Eyes on a wide variety of BMW models – 1 Series E87, E82; 3 series E90, E92, E93; 5 Series E60; X and Z series, too. Check out our product page for a complete list, but please note that for these BMW HID Angel Eyes to fit, your BMW must have factory equipped HID Headlights first.

HID Angel Eyes 4

In conclusion we’ll say that this is a purchase that you can’t go wrong with. If you are tired of the cheesy amber light of the stock Angel Eyes, then this is for you, just as our friend with the 2010 BMW 335i upgraded his vehicle with the magnificent Super Bright HID Angel Eyes Kit.

HID Angel Eyes 5

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Revolutionary new HID Angel Eyes for BMW E70 X5

We all know that BMW X5 is a luxury mid-size SUV and it was BMW’s first SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle), but we add something new to this revolutionary automobile and this is our HID Angel Eyes kit. Yes, we did it? No more halogen or LED Angel Eyes.

The cool thing about this kit is the bulb length? They are shorter than the H8 HID bulbs, which results in more precise beam pattern. This means the lights will be brighter and the cool Xenon color will give your BMW a great new look. Forget about the stock Angel Eyes? Your Bimmer deserves the best.

Installation of this HID Angel Eyes kit is really easy. Please note that no modifications are required? Just plug and play, but for this BMW HID Angel Eyes to fit, your BMW must have factory equipped HID Headlights first. Once installed, you’ll never see them flickering. And just because these bulbs are quality-made error free product, there will be no annoying warning message on dashboard. You can install the lights on a wide variety of BMW models? Starting from 1 series: E87, E87, go through 3 series E90-E93, 5 series E60, 7 series F01/F02, X5 E70, X6 E71 and up to Z series E89. For a complete list please check out our product page.

If you want your car to look better day and night, a smart and inexpensive purchase will do the magic? You will be amazed, your friends will be amazed, as HID Angel eyes are noticeably brighter during the day, too. Get rid of the annoying glare and the cheesy ambient light of the stock angel eyes. If you own a BMW X5, you would probably treat it like a BMW and have in mind HID angel eyes for your next project, as you just can’t go wrong with this kit.

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The Brightest Possible BMW Angel Eyes – HID Angel Eyes for Your Bimmer

iJDMTOY carries supreme quality

HID Angel eyes for BMW – People said it couldn’t be done, but we finally make it. After a long time of testing, our BMW HID angel eyes are now ready to go.

The HID angel eyes lights are the shorter version of the H8 HID bulbs, which will provide more precise beam pattern than the stock lights. The brightness and the cool xenon color provided by the HID bulbs will make your bimmer a rock star on the road. The lights will even be brighter than the 2011 BMW’s stock LED angel eyes.

The HID angel eyes can be a wide investment for all bimmer drivers. With less than a hundred dollars, you will get a nice touch to compliment all of the other exterior mods. More importantly, you can’t go wrong with them. HID BMW angel eyes will become the new standard lighting package that everyone wants.

The installation will be much easier than you can imagine. With its plug & play design, it may takes less than an hour to put the HID lights on your BMW. The preconfigured HID angel eyes kit requires no cutting and wiring. The lights will generally fit new models of 1 series, 3 series, 5 series, 7 series and X series. The lights are completely error-free, so you won’t be bothered with the error message on dash.

We recently installed this HID angel eye lights for a BMW Z4. The lights are as bright as the headlights under direct mid day sunshine without any flickering issue. Take a look at the video, and consider HID angel eyes for your next project.

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