2004 BMW 545i Gets HID Fog Lights with HID Conversion Kit

Today’s 2004 BMW 545i is a great example how you can upgrade BMW E60 5 Series with HID Fog Lights. The owner needed intense light and energy efficiency at the same time when driving in bad weather and he installed these amazing super bright HID Fog Lights. For this model the stock 9006 halogen bulbs were replaced with HID Conversion kit that functions properly, thanks to the additional Error Free Can-bus decoders.

BMW 545i HID Fog Lights 1

iJDMTOY offers complete lineup of HID kits – the only way you’ll ever feel completely confident behind wheel when you’re driving on a dark road at night. The road you can see, the better driver you are and the safer you feel when passenger are on board. Replace those dim yellow halogen BMW fog light bulbs and increase their brightness 3X with this awesome HID fog lights upgrade kit. With the state of art reverse polarity protection and shock protection system, the installation is virtually fail-safe.

BMW 545i HID Fog Lights 2

Installing the featured HID Conversion Kit requires some time, but you don’t have to call car expert, unless you want to. The rear of the fog lights is accessible through the inner front wheel well cover. Just remove a few bolts inside the fender well and some under the front side of the bumper. Peel the inner fender well back to access the fog lights without completely removing it if you want.

BMW 545i HID Fog Lights 3

Unplug the halogen fog light bulb and remove it from the fog light. Replace it with the HID bulbs, fasten or zip tie the ballast and wires, then compare the OEM side to the HID side and if happy, replace the other side, too. If lights don’t work at first, please turn the extension / adapter wire 180 degrees and test again.

This HID Fog Lights kit from iJDMTOY really adds another dimension to driving at night car like this 2004 BMW 545i. Unless you have HID light kits installed, you’re really missing out, so don’t waste any more time and opt in for HID Fog Lights that will enhance your safety. For European cars, in order to make sure the HID conversion kit function properly, please add the Error Free CAN-bus decoders during the checkout.

HID Conversion Kit For Headlights or Fog Lights

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Lexus IS350 10000k HID headlights, HID fog lights, and LED parking lights

A customer recently installed Garax D4S HID lights bulbs, Ultra Blue 5-SMD 2825 LED bulbs for parking lights, and a 10000k 9006 HID conversion kit for fog lights on his 2007 Lexus IS350. This customer is a professional photographer and you can tell from his nice looking pictures. 

The headlights and fog lights are 10000k Deep Blue HID lights, therefore he also got the Ultra Blue LED parking lights so the HID headlights, HID fog lights and the parking lights can all match together.

We post his pictures, and you guys can take a look.

Lexus - IS350 - HID - LED - lights - 1

Lexus - IS350 - HID - LED - lights - 2

Lexus - IS350 - HID - LED - lights - 3

Lexus - IS350 - HID - LED - lights - 4

The products installed on this car are listed below:

JDM 6000K 8000K 10000K 12000K Garax D4S or D4R HID Xenon Upgrade Bulbs

Garax D4S HID Xenon light bulbs

JDM Xenon White or Ultra Blue 360-Degree Shine 5-SMD 5050 T10 LED Wedge Light Bulbs for 168 194 921 2825

Ultra Blue 5-SMD 2825 LED bulbs for parking lights

Osram Powered Digital Control Ultra Slim Ballast HID Conversion Kit, size H1 H3 H4 H7 H11 H13 9004 9005 9006 9007 9008 9145 9012 5202

10000k 9006 HID conversion kit for fog lights

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