Switchback DRL for 2008 Honda Civic: The Limelight of Cars





Switchback LED DRL emits a distinctive brightness that contributes a good source of light and a sleek style. Drivers can choose from a 5 piece LED Xenon White or Amber colored DRL. Switchback DRL works well during the night too to increase lighting and to possess a more vibrant radiance and color to the car.

LED is a brighter source of light that many drivers choose today. Each Daytime Running Light lamp comes with 5 pieces Super Bright Xenon White LED emitters for daytime lights and 5 pieces Super Bright Amber Yellow LED emitters for turn signal lights. Regular stock DRL just doesn’t emit as well as LED bulbs. Not to mention, LED bulbs have a much longer lasting lifetime. It’s no surprise drivers are switching to LED.


The universal fit plug and play installation is a quick and easy process with no modifications so anyone can install it. All necessary brackets, double-sided tape and screws are included for easy installation. Easy and affordable, this Switchback LED DRL is the simplest ways to dramatically change your car’s appearance.


Switchback LED DRL is a great complement to HID lights. The extra output and color completes how a car should appear to be. Its renovating style makes new cars look old. Cars can look like real cars. Daytime can be brighter. Overall, your vehicle will look more stylish. Switchback DRL are mad of LED bulbs that emit stronger light not to mention the color is more vibrant.


The transition of LED is now. Stay updated with the latest automotive trend. For those who stay in trend with automotive lighting, do consider the Switchback DRL Lights. They will dramatically change your car’s appearance. More than appearance they are an excellent addition to lighting during the night and day.

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