LED Knight Rider Scanner Light on Chevy Camaro

Anyone a diehard fan of that old tv show "Knight Rider" and want to channel some of that quality of that show on your car? Maybe you just really like David Hasselhoff? Or even if you just really like the look of the flashing LED bar, the reason why someone installs this Knight Rider LED strip is not as important as showing it off on your driveway. What’s great about this selection is that practically anyone can install these. They are not vehicle specific, so you don’t have to ever check the compatibility list and be disappointed if you don’t see your car on the list. If you’ve got a rugged American car or a sporty Japanese ricer, it doesn’t matter because they’re all compatible.

Chevy Camaro LED Scanner 01
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LED Knight Rider Light to Celebrate Your Favorite Show

This Super Bright RGB 7-Color LED Scanner Strip Lighting Kit is a great option for anyone who loves the Knight Rider series or just wants to spice up their ride. The LED scanner bar has 130 distinct flashing patterns with a wireless remote to guarantee that you won’t ever get sick of your scanner bar! It might even take you a while to get through all of those patterns.
Mazda RX7 LED Scanner 02

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