Even Brighter Lexus LED License Plate Lamps

The OEM replacement LED License Plate Lamp is carefully created with high quality 18 pieces of SMD LED lights that are way brighter than their stock versions. This super high power license plate lamp directly replaces the OEM license plate lamps to give you a much brighter look that it’s almost unbelievable. The xenon white color is a punchy burst of bright color that’s just leagues above that stock light that’s barely visible, even in the dark. The even illumination makes sure that your license plate looks great entirely so you wouldn’t have to worry about any part of the license plate holder looking spotty.

Lexus IS 300 LED License Plate Lamp 04
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Canbus Onboard Computer (OBC) Error Free LED License Plate Light Lamps For Audi, BMW, or Mercedes

Introducing the all new plug and play canbus onboard computer (OBC) Error Free LED license plate light lamp modules for Audi, BMW or Mercedes.

It will direct replace the stock tungsten license plate lights with 18 pieces Super Bright SMD LEDs, give you a nice xenon white look.

There’s built-in load resistors, therefore it will not trigger error message showing on dashboard.

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