BMW 135i Offers German Functionality with BMW LED Interior

BMW 135i makes impression of a very compact, squat machine, smart and classy without being overt, and with the upgraded BMW LED Interior, I take my hat off to this road beast. Road beast, yes – with 300 hp and 300 lb-ft of torque, super-fast-shifting system, this car is a dynamite! If you own a baby like that, you’ll definitely want to make it cool on the inside, too. This is where iJDMTOY comes and offers you the exact fit BMW LED Interior kit.

BMW 135i LED Interior Kit 1

Just imagine you are feeling great in the cabin, the leather-wrapped steering wheel and paddle shifters look so sexy, and the dull yellowish light coming out of the interior lights ruins everything! Of course you’ll think about the featured set of Super Bright direct exact fit 44-SMD 3-Emitter 5050 Type LED interior package for BMW. The Xenon White light is up to 5 times brighter than stock interior light bulbs and is everything you need to dress up your car the way it deserves! Plus, this BMW LED kit fits not only BMW 135i, but 3 Series E90/E91, 5 Series E60/E61 and 7 Series E65/E66.

BMW 135i LED Interior Kit 2

Installing these LED lights might take you about 10 minutes. Let’s start with the center interior lamp – unplug it and take it off, so you can work easily. Then remove the one-piece plastic lens cover and the two small circular plastic covers on the sides. Plug out the bulbs and install firmly the BMW Direct Fit LED Interior panel lights. Put back the two small covers first and then the main lens cover. Finally, connect the wire back and put this center interior lamp in its place. Repeat the procedure for the front interior lamp, but since it is hard to remove it, do the steps above without taking off the whole lamp. That’s it, step back and enjoy the brand new interior look of your BMW.

BMW 135i LED Interior Kit 3

Without BMW LED Interior lights, the feeling in the cabin of BMW 135i is quite sombre, but when the BMW Direct Fit LED kit was installed, everything was beautifully wrought. Then you can enjoy the special kind of German functionality that BMW has made its speciality.

BMW 135i LED Interior Kit 4

BMW 135i LED Interior Kit 5

Exact LED Panel Interior Light Package

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2002 Honda S2000 Looks Awesome with S2000 LED Interior Lights

This 2002 Honda S2000 is a great roadster that offers a lot of fun with the throttle pedal and when we installed the S2000 LED Interior lights, Honda’s two-seat roadster could run circles around just about anything "a la mode". In this case there are only two stock bulbs to replace with the featured 12-SMD 1210 type LED light panels and the whole installation thing is as easy as 1-2-3.

Honda S2000 LED Interior 1

Actually, this LED kit could be installed to almost any car, truck or SUV, not just the Honda S2000, as it comes with universal adapters. What’s more, you can choose from four color options – Xenon White, Ultra Blue, Brilliant Red or Emerald Green to match your style. And if you need another reason why you should consider replacing the old yellowish bulbs aside from aesthetic purpose, LED interior lights consume less power. This means that if you forget to switch them off and they stay on all night long, there’s a very big chance you can start your car next morning. However, don’t try this test and be sure to check out the product page at the iJDMTOY online store for full list of compatible wedge and festoon housings.

Honda S2000 LED Interior 2

As mentioned above, replacing the OEM bulbs is a breeze. First, turn off the map light and carefully remove the light cover using a small flat-head screw driver. You have to take off the stock bulb, but it’s better to make sure the stock bulb is not hot. Plug in the correct adapter, peel the 3M self-adhesive double sided tape on the back of the LED panel and stick the panel to the plastics. Finally, put back the lamp cover and enjoy! The super bright light is no match to the old stock dull and yellowish bulbs, which makes these Honda S2000 LED panels perfect for car interior lights such as map lights, dome lights or even door courtesy lights.

Honda S2000 LED Interior 3

The owner of this 2002 Honda S2000 is very happy with the new S2000 LED Interior and slipped off into dreams of the night after a day, full of sun-drenched, horsepower-infused blasts down the highway, when he can enjoy the custom LED interior look of his ride. If you want to pamper your car with the same trendy look and add more comfort at night, then give these bulbs a shot and you won’t regret.

12-SMD LED PCB Panel Lights

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2008 Scion tC Rocks with Scion tC LED Interior Package

If you own a 2008 Scion tC and you are looking for a great way to stand out from the crowd, try with the featured Scion tC LED interior package. This is a premium replacement LED lighting for the serious auto enthusiast, which comes pre-configured with all the LED lights you need to dress up any 2004-2010 1st Gen Scion tC. Take a look at this 2008 Scion tC and enjoy the super bright ultra blue LED interior lights.

Scion tC LED Interior 1

It is a well known fact that incandescent OEM lighting is inadequate for properly illuminating the interior of the vehicle, both for aesthetic purposes as well as for safety concerns. Most of us want bright, reliable lighting that will allow us to easily navigate and locate objects in our vehicles. Replacing standard bulbs with LED lights solves these issues – with longer lifetime, lower energy consumption and brighter than stock lights, LED interior lights are a must for car enthusiasts.

Scion tC LED Interior 2

This complete Scion tC LED interior package, specially designed for 2004-2010 Scion tC includes 3 pieces LED bulbs for front map lights, 1 piece LED bulb for center dome light and 1 piece LED bulb for trunk area light. Replacing the old bulbs is a piece of cake and should not take you more than 10 minutes. Remember, this is a direct replacement set, completely plug and play, that will give your ride a fresh new look. And if the featured "Ultra Blue" LED interior set won’t suit your car, then you can pick Xenon White or Brilliant Red light color. Anyway, whichever color you choose, you’ll receive many compliments – ask the guy with this 2008 Scion tC.

Scion tC LED Interior 3

The 2008 Scion tC looks pretty sleek with these super bright Scion LED Interior Lights and earned flashy reputation. However, this upgrade isn’t just about appearance, but for illuminating, too. If you want to dress up your whip, get this sick upgrade and you’ll be crushing the scene with iJDMTOY!

Scion tC LED Interior 4

Scion tC LED Interior Complete Package

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2010 Toyota Prius Gets Prius LED interior Package Lights

Today’s 2010 Toyota Prius is a great eco-friendly car with incredibly bright Prius LED interior. It is obvious that the owner needed more light inside his car and decided to replace the stock halogen bulbs with something really amazing. But here we talk about complete Prius LED Package, that includes even exterior driving lights and license plate lights, about power efficiency of LED lights, and definitely improving the interior look.

Toyota Prius Complete LED Interior Package 1

This is where the featured 12 pc Prius LED Package with a total of 326 high quality SMD LEDs comes handy. Every piece of the set is direct fit for 2010-2012 Toyota Prius base model without the sunroof and is bright with the kind of bright you will never imagine. I think there’s no other such complete Prius LED Package, that includes exact fit LED panel lights for front map lights, center dome light, vanity mirror lights, side door courtesy lights, trunk area light, and LED bulbs for license plate lights, parking lights. The moment I saw all these LED stuff in action, I just loved this 2010 Toyota Prius!

Toyota Prius Complete LED Interior Package 2

It is pretty easy to install each piece of the set. All panel lights are simply plug and play, with no modification needed. As this is an exact fit Prius interior light package, each PCB board is exactly the shape as the relevant lamp, which provides exact fitting and maximized lighting output. To install the LED panel lights you have to unplug the stock bulb, plug in the correct adapter, peel the 3M self-adhesive double sided tape on the back of the LED panel and stick the panel to the plastics. Directly replace the OEM halogen bulbs with these new LED lights and you will get your ride the same sexy look as the one featured here.

Toyota Prius Complete LED Interior Package 3

There’s no doubt the owner of this 2010 Toyota Prius made the right choice with Prius LED interior lights package and got what he was looking for – a bright, crisp light that offers incredible visibility and a custom look. If you want something fancy, eco-friendly, energy-saving and nice, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get it – just go to iJDMTOY store and grab the Prius LED Package.

Toyota Prius Complete LED Interior Package 4

Direct Exact Fit 326-SMD Complete LED Interior Package

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Xenon White Exact Fit Chevy Camaro LED Interior Package

A customer try out our exact fit Chevy Camaro LED package for free and sent us some pictures.

Chevrolet Camaro Complete LED Interior Package

Chevrolet Camaro LED Interior Lights 1

This direct exact fit 57-SMD LED interior package fits 2010 2011 2012 Chevrolet Camaro, includes map/dome light, trunk area light, and license plate lights.

The installation is not hard and won’t take much time, just plug and play, with no modifications at all.

Have a look at our product page:

Chevy Camaro direct fit 52-SMD LED interior package

Xenon White 4 PCS Lights Exact Fit Vehicle Specific 57-SMD Complete LED Interior Package for 2010 and up Chevrolet Camaro

5 starsAmazing 57 pieces LED Lights. Exact Fit For 2010 2011 2012 Chevy Camaro Interior and Exterior
Available Color: Xenon White