It’s a Brighter Day with LED Driving Lights for Chevy SUV

Brighten up your day with LED Driving Lights. The powerful technology of LED will illuminate your car’s lights in a quick and easy installation. Aside from offering visibility, lights are also an important characteristic for your car’s appearance. Brightening it up and/or changing the color of lights to match your car is a popular investment for many drivers today.

These 3157 LED bulbs illuminate much brighter than regular stock bulbs perfect for an eye catching appearance. Notice how each individual LED bulbs are installed in almost every angle of the cylindrical bulb to provide bright lighting in every corner. That’s smart.

chevy - suv - 3157 - led - bulbs - driving - lights - 4

The pure xenon white color accommodates well with most vehicles. There are other colors such as blue, red and amber for those who seek an even more daring style.

The overall brightness provides excellent lighting yet not blinding like high beams. Brightness and color – that’ll offer your car a unique and bold style.

Conquer the darkness with LED Driving Lights. High beams are illegal and inconvenient to switch on and off. But with 3157 LED bulbs, you may never need to turn on the high beam switch ever again.

These 3157 LED bulbs are quite easy to install too. The plug and play installation makes it easy for car amateurs to install for themselves.

chevy - suv - 3157 - led - bulbs - driving - lights - 2

chevy - suv - 3157 - led - bulbs - driving - lights - 3

The difference in color is remarkably different. Those who wish to change their car’s appearance significantly should invest on LED Driving Lights. The difference will surprise your friends and family.

LED Driving Lights provide a unique characteristic to the car and driver. The exciting and distinctive color and brightness adds a nice touch up to any car. Those who wish to achieve that level of style and rarity should consider investing on LED Driving Lights. The outcome may be more dramatic than one can imagine.

JDM Super Bright 18-SMD 5050 360 degrees shine 3156 (ak 3056) or 3157 (aka 3057) LED Indicator, turn signal, backup light bulbs

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New SpiderLite LED Tail Lights on Acura TSX

We have a new product called the SpiderLite LED bulbs that can be used for tail lights, brake lights, or stop lights. These LED bulbs have expandable arms that open up with 24 SMD LED lights.

The unique 3-arm LED bulb will not only provide a bright light but will look very different than conventional tail light bulbs.

In the picture below, a customer from Australia installed the 3-arm 24-SMD SpiderLite Red LED bulbs on his Accord-Euro, which is like an Acura TSX in the United States.

This SpiderLite LED bulb fits 1157 bulbs, 3156 bulbs, 3157 bulbs, 7440 bulbs, and 7443 bulbs.

Most cars don’t have this look in the United States.

Acura - TSX - Spiderlite - Rear - Brake - Light - 2

Acura - TSX - Spiderlite - Rear - Brake - Light - 1

Featured product: 3-Arm 24 SMD LED SpiderLite 7440 7443 3156 3157 1157 LED Break Light Tail Lights Bulbs

JDM 3-Arm 24-SMD Brilliant Red SpiderLite LED Bulbs for Tail/Break/Stop Light (size 1157, 3156, 3157, 7440, 7443)

JDM 3-Arm 24-SMD Brilliant Red SpiderLite LED Bulbs for Tail/Break/Stop Light (size 1157, 3156, 3157, 7440, 7443)

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