“Let There Be Light!” with LED dome lights for 2006 Mazda3

Sometimes a little extra bit of light is what your car needs. With the help of LED dome lights, drivers can finally find those darn coins they dropped in the bottom of their seats. At first glance, drivers will notice the remarkable brightness of LED dome lights and the completely different xenon white color.

The installation is quite simple as well. With its plug and play performance, even the least tech savvy drivers can install them with no problems. All you need to do is just pop out the old stock bulbs and replace them with the new LED dome lights, no additional wiring is needed.

2006 - mazda - 3 - led - interior - dome - lights - 2

2006 - mazda - 3 - led - interior - dome - lights - 6

The difference between LED and regular filament bulbs are dramatically different. Not only do LED bulbs illuminate brighter they also consume less energy on your car battery, it’s a win both ways!

There are the different colors besides plain old amber. Our customer here has installed her 2006 Mazda3’s dome light with xenon white LED bulbs. And if wish to have something more outgoing than white, there are other colors such as Ultra Blue and Brilliant Red. This sleek and unique color not only improves her car’s interior lighting but also improves its overall appearance. The pure white contrast brings out a new attitude in the car.

These LED dome lights are strong but not blinding. It’s one of the best and inexpensive investments for any car. With its recent fame, LED has become quite a common yet valuable asset to our daily lives. Cars are quickly progressing towards the usage of LED interior lights.

2006 - mazda - 3 - led - interior - dome - lights - 4

2006 - mazda - 3 - led - interior - dome - lights - 5

Changing up your dome lights can be the most effective and inexpensive methods to style up your car. With a pair of LED dome lights drivers can experience the performance and pleasure of LED technology.

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