Subtle, Yet Bold: Mercedes LED Parking Light

Here at iJDMTOY, we recently installed a pair of parking lights on a 2013 Mercedes ML 350 to test out the new product and the results are nothing short of spectacular. These new LED Parking Lights are a sure fire way to get plenty of attention on the road.

Mercedes LED Parking Lights 01

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2010 E550 Looks Outstanding with Mercedes SH24W LED DRL Bulbs

Today’s gorgeous car is this 2010 Mercedes E550 with Mercedes LED DRL bulbs. These brand new LED bulbs are designed for 2010 and 2011 Mercedes W212 E Class Sedan or Coupe (non-HID headlight version) models and are completely error free. This means premium look without annoying bulb error warnings on the dashboard and for just a few bucks. Bright and easy noticeable light means safety, which leads to the conclusion that if you have these LED bulbs installed, you’ll increase your safety by making the car noticeable from greater distance.

Mercedes E550 SH23W LED DRL 1

Look at the pictures and you’ll see the Xenon White color option installed, but iJDMTOY offers the featured SH23W LED bulbs in Ultra Blue color, too. You can enjoy the super bright lighting output, coming from the energy-saving 5W high power LED bulbs as long as you like, thanks to the lifespan of about 20000 working hours. So, these Mercedes LED DRL won’t let you down when you need them most.

Mercedes E550 SH23W LED DRL 2

Replacing the tedious stock DRL bulbs is not hard at all. First, you have to take out the DRL by removing the shiny plate on the back with a screwdriver. Then pull out the halogen bulbs and plug in the new SH23W LED ones. Finally, mount the DRL module again and test if everything works. Congratulations, you have successfully and effortlessly changed your Mercedes E-class’ look.

Mercedes E550 SH23W LED DRL 3

This luxurious 2010 Mercedes E550 can freely compete with more-fashionable vehicles with the new Mercedes LED DRL bulbs from iJDMTOY. The Error Free Super Bright Xenon White SH23W bulb is prepared with 68 SMD pieces for no flickering concerns at all. These amazing LED bulbs are trouble-free and reasonably priced, which makes them perfect for achieving high-end look.

Mercedes E550 SH23W LED DRL 4

Mercedes Benz W212 E Class Daytime Running Lights

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W204 eyelid lights: An Inexpensive and Dramatic Investment for 2009 Mercedes C63 AMG

The W204 eyelid lights are a good fit for the 2009 Mercedes C63 AMG. With its Error Free technology, drivers won’t have any problem installing them in their vehicle. The bright LED performance is a great complement to HID headlights.  The xenon white color also goes well with the HID color.

LED has become a fast growing technology in our daily lives from flashlights to car lights. With its brighter illumination and less power consumption switching from regular filament bulbs to LED bulbs is a no brainer. The W204 eyelid LED will perform brighter maker your 2009 Mercedes C63 AMG looking brighter and more stylish.

Error Free means your Mercedes won’t have any problem reading the bulb once they are installed. Most European models today have trouble adjusting to new lights and won’t turn on. However with these no error W204 eyelid lights, drivers will be able to install them easily and hastily.

2009 - mercedes - benz - c63 - amg - w204 - eyelid - led - error - free - 1

The stock amber colored eyelids are not very exciting. And if your car is installed with xenon white HIDs, the amber color sticks out like a sore thumb.  Match it well with xenon white W204 eyelid lights. It will add a tremendous boost in lighting during nighttime.

Eyelid lights add a good amount of lighting that drivers need and it provides a complementary look with your headlights. If you desire to improve your car’s appearance and performance, the W204 eyelid lights are a good investment for your car.

JDM Xenon White or Ultra Blue OBC Error Free 5050-SMD T10 2825 W5W LED Bulbs with built-in load resistors for Mercedes, Audi, BMW, etc

The W204 eyelid lights are also inexpensive yet provide a dramatic change to your car. In this tough economy, we can only change our car’s appearance with a limited budget. The W204 eyelid lights will provide a clear and noticeable change without forming a hole in your wallet.

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