12-SMD LED For License Plate Lights On Nissan 350Z

Our customer installed new iJDMTOY 12-SMD T10 LED bulbs for his 2005 Nissan 350Z on the license plate lights.

There are 12 SMD chips around the LED bulb making it a 360 degree shine. These bulbs measure 0.92 inches in length by 0.4 inches in width. Compared to conventional LED bulbs they are about two times brighter.

The 12-SMD T10 LED bulbs fit for license plate lights, sidemarker lights, puddle lights or parking lights and come in either xenon white or ultra blue colors.

Nissan - 350Z - 168 - LED - license - plate - lights - 1

Nissan - 350Z - 168 - LED - license - plate - lights - 2

Nissan - 350Z - 168 - LED - license - plate - lights - 3

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Comparison between conventional LED bulb and the 12-SMD T10 LED bulb.

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