2010 Volkswagen MK6 GTi Error Free LED Parking Lights

We helped our customer installed his 2010 Volkswagen MK6 GTi LED parking lights yesterday, here is the picture below.

Volkswagen MK6 GTi LED Parking Lights

Our Xenon White 16-SMD T10 2825 W5W LED bulbs are completely Error Free, and also fit 2010 2011 2012 Volkswagen GTi and Jetta for parking lights or license plate lights.

To install these LED parking lights are pretty simple, just make sure turn off your vehicle first and replace the stock bulbs.

Check out the product page below:

16-SMD T10 W5W 2825 168 194 LED Bulbs

Super Bright Xenon White 16-SMD T10 W5W 2825 168 194 LED Bulbs Plus Error Free T10 Adapters For Volkswagen GTi MK6

Color: Xenon White
Plug-N-Play, Complete Error Free