2004 Acura TSX Makes Impression with Audi Style LED Strip

The 2004 Acura TSX is an iconic car that looks great without any modifications, but the owner of this ride upgraded his vehicle with a sleek and elegant Audi Style LED Strip on each headlight. Our Headlight LED Strip addon fits in perfectly and makes the car stand out. 21 high power SMD lights per strip provide a steady and bright light that remains visible both day and night. Have another LED bulbs in Xenon White or Ultra Blue color and want your new LED Headlight Strips in the same color? Don’t worry, you can pick from two available colors: Xenon White and Ultra Blue!

Acura TSX Audi Style LED Strip Lights 1

However, this is a universal fit product and the quality is untouched – each Audi Style LED Strip is waterproof for worry-free exterior use and has flexible design with wide edge, so it could bend almost any shape and easy to attach anywhere firmly. Another cool feature is that no matter how you flip this LED strip, the LED lights will always face the front – perfect for decorating the headlight lamps, fog lights or driving lights.

Acura TSX Audi Style LED Strip Lights 2

In case you wonder how to install this quality product, it is self-adhesive on the back, which makes it very easy to install. Finally, just tap into any 12V power source such as parking lights, so this addon lights up once you switch on your parking lights. Take a few steps back and enjoy the very eye catching Audi Style LED Strips. They will take your car to the next level with ease and earn you many positive comments.

A pair of Headlight LED Strips will make any car more attractive, not just the 2004 Acura TSX. Why paying for some very expensive lightning accessories, when you can achieve this fancy look just for a few bucks? Get your car a fresh new European LED DRL Lights look with iJDMTOY just like the new Audi A5 R8 style LED headlights or Mercedes E Class LEDs and you won’t regret it.

21-SMD Flexible LED Strip Lights

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Audi Style Flexible LED Strip Lights on 2010 Lexus LS-460

Audi Style Flexible LED Strip Lights

We are glad our customer shared many of his pictures with iJDMTOY so that other potential customers can view our products. He recently fitted the Audi Style LED Strip Lights on his 2010 Lexus LS460.

The benefit these LED strip lights have is that they are waterproof and bendable (flexible) so you can fit them any way you like. They’re also designed so that no matter how you flip the strip, the LED are always facing front.

We recommend this product for decorating headlight lamps, fog lights, or the bumper as daytime driving lights.

Lexus - LS - 460 - LED - audi - strip - light - 1

Lexus - LS - 460 - LED - audi - strip - light - 2

Lexus - LS - 460 - LED - audi - strip - light - 3


Lexus - LS - 460 - LED - audi - strip - light - 5

Lexus - LS - 460 - LED - audi - strip - light - 6

Lexus - LS - 460 - LED - audi - strip - light - 7

Here’s Eric (our manager) taking a picture of the car.

JDM Audi A5 Q7 Style Xenon White Side Shine 48-LED Flexible LED Strip Lights For Headlight Lamps

The Audi Style Flexible LED strip contains 48 pieces of bright LED.
They come in a pair and each strip is 20" long. They also are self-adhesive.

More product info is available at Audi A5 Q7 Style Xenon White Flexible LED Strip Light.

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